Executive Summary

RCM Labs is excited to bring to market the first Play, Learn and Earn (PLE) blockchain gaming economy, RedCat Multiverse. In the RedCat Multiverse, players will master Power Skills necessary for the 21st-century workforce including negotiation, critical thinking and many more. Not only will they have the opportunity to develop these skills, but also to earn valuable assets within the game’s structure, introducing a new element to the traditional Play To Earn model.
Our mission for the RedCat Multiverse is to create a dynamic and engaging approach to help people develop the necessary skills needed in the workforce today by leveraging breakthrough technology.
The thought leadership behind this project features some of the top minds in the industry including alumni from MIT and Stanford as well as Algorand and Riot Games. RCM Labs is working with some of the foremost experts in game theory and Web3 technology to ensure that this game meets the expectations set forth in this White Paper.
In the wildly imaginative RedCat Multiverse, players will follow The Red Cat, Sanura, a mystical and mysterious being who guides players through challenges in various areas of the RedCat Multiverse as they create their own space on the platform by claiming land, developing in-game assets called Figments and participating in highly-engaging challenges. Through stimulating and thought-provoking interactions in the RedCat Multiverse, players will earn NFT certificates when they demonstrate mastery of a specific skill, thus creating intrinsic and extrinsic value.