Executive Summary Of The Game

The game is Sanura’s vision for bringing the multiverse together, providing a digital space wherein the imagination comes to life without the restraints of the physical world. By exploring the RedCat Multiverse, participating in the community and interacting with in-game assets, players will develop and master skills that will make them more powerful in their real-world interactions. They will become more understanding of others and capable of finding common ground, ultimately helping them differentiate themselves in the workplace.
It’s important to note that RCM Labs is actually co-creating some of the in-game assets with our growing online community right now. Early and involved community members can earn a special NFT called a Meerkat Bag, which they can then use as a springboard for developing a character that may be part of an asset class within the RedCat Multiverse. At the time of publishing, RCM Labs is unaware of any other blockchain gaming economy that is collaborating with its community in this manner, thus distinguishing this project in its unique approach.
Players begin with assets that are tied to their initial NFT purchases, through the minting events that will be conducted by RCM Labs in Q2, Q3 and Q4 in 2022, leading to the launch of the RedCat Multiverse at the end of Q4. These assets will vary in rarity to create intrigue and excitement right from the start. Included in these initial assets are the players’ Figments, which are characters capable of transforming into different options selected by the player. Players can also splice their Figments to create new assets which can be used, sold or traded. Figments are used in story-based campaigns to earn Power Skill certification NFTs.
Additionally, players will have the opportunity to buy land in the Convergence, the continent where a tapestry of different themes from all over the RedCat Multiverse come together, giving players choices that are limited only by their imaginations.
As players pursue Campaigns in the game, their player vs. player experiences will be powered by creative expression and inspiring awe through what they’ve developed with their Figments. Conflicts and battles will lead to empowering positive outcomes, not violence or destruction.