Executive Summary Of The Science And Technology

Gaming can incorporate an excellent infrastructure for learning and we plan to leverage this connection in the RedCat Multiverse. The game elements utilized in the RedCat Multiverse are based on research results that indicate they are particularly effective tools for learning. One of the key elements we will utilize is offering players the opportunity to earn visible, tangible rewards. At the same time, the act of learning is tied to intrinsic motivation as players feel satisfaction from self-improvement. The RedCat Multiverse’s PLE model combines intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to create a strong motivational drive.
Developing soft skills (which we call Power Skills) is paramount to the continued success of the workforce in the 21st century. As more jobs are replaced with machines, employers are looking for employees who have a mastery of human skills like negotiation, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and many others. These skills are not being taught effectively in most traditional institutions, creating a gap between the demand for employees possessing these skills and the supply of employees who meet these requirements. We plan to help all parties bridge this gap.
Our economics team is currently analyzing the GameFi space and designing the RedCat Multiverse gaming economy. We will test our economic design and ensure that game economy and tokenomics are aligned. Only after this rigorous testing has taken place will we announce the RedCat Multiverse tokenomics plan in detail and make the necessary amendments to this document.
As we plan for the future, we are dedicated to our vision of a community-owned and managed property with secure identities, where individuals own and control their identity without the intervention of a third party. Our team has been studying and researching two strategic areas to include in our current model. We plan to structure a general DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for the RedCat Multiverse with sub-DAO structures for each skill mastery effort. We also realize that we need a brand new model for digital identity to align with the future of the Internet. RCM Labs is focusing on Self Sovereign ID and is a contributor to the Digital Identity Foundation.
The RedCat Multiverse is a game unlike any other in so many ways. Because it is a live game, it will continue to evolve as it grows. There is no such thing as a “finished” RedCat Multiverse. As we constantly develop new possibilities within the gaming experience, we will be working to maintain the live game balance necessary for a project of this scope.