With the world’s first Play, Learn and Earn (PLE) model, RCM Labs is on a mission to bring a dynamic community together through immersive, personalized and smart challenges within a live game that will support and streamline skill mastery, initially focusing on soft skills (or Power Skills), while motivating and empowering individuals within a robust digital economy. The key to making this all come together is immersive learning.
Immersive learning simply means that learners interact with content in a way that brings it to life. They utilize the content in such a unique and interesting manner that their senses are heightened and they become truly immersed in the experience. This leads to more robust comprehension and greater retention of not only the information but the necessary behaviors required to utilize that information in ways that create value.
By leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technologies, RCM Labs will address the needs of the 21st-century workforce by empowering people with immersive learning opportunities that offer intrinsic and extrinsic value.
Games provide the perfect architecture for engagement in immersive learning. Gaming is growing globally across all age groups, most within the Gen Z segment. One of the most important breakthroughs the blockchain will provide is an immediate and convenient way to distribute the ownership of assets. Blockchain technology provides extensive opportunities for gamified immersive learning which, when approached thoughtfully, can develop these much needed skills.
The RedCat Multiverse is being developed by a team of relevant and well-recognized thought leaders, some of whom are globally recognized prolific experts on game theory and gamification.
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