Why Now

The power that Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 platforms currently wield on society by virtue of their dominance is fleeting. In time, these platforms will be replaced by blockchain-driven virtual environments like RedCat Multiverse with its PLE model, which will engage, empower and motivate within a dynamic community.
RedCat Multiverse is developed primarily to appeal to Gen Z, who are virtual world natives. Through the course of our customer development research, it became overwhelmingly apparent that Gen Z lacks exposure to trustworthy resources for developing critical 21st-century skills, like critical thinking, negotiation, communication and other Power Skills.
Online and conventional institutions tend to move slowly, subsequently, they unwittingly contribute to the growth of the aforementioned gap. Today, conventional institutions and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) focus primarily on Hard Skills (STEM) and fail to provide opportunities for mastery of soft skills. Furthermore, MOOCs have a relatively weak performance to date, with high attrition rates.
Gen Z craves autonomy in learning and mastering new skills. They desire to learn in an environment that is self-paced, self-directed and independent, with the freedom to determine how they develop new skills.
Gen Z prefers bite-sized learning because they view their time as a precious commodity, placing a premium on active learning, meaning they prefer to learn by doing, rather than observing.
Lastly, learning is most effective for members of Gen Z when it is a personalized, social experience.
Last modified 1yr ago