Play, Learn And Earn (PLE) Model

Effectiveness of Learning in Game Architectures

The concept of “play to learn” has been researched and implemented in a variety of formats for at least the past 50 years. During that time, the research results continue to reveal a positive impact on learning. (3,5,6,8)
As an example, one study examining educational outcomes derived from games found that game-based learning showed an increase in motivation and attraction to learning. Research also indicates that the learners playing learning games made specific efforts to assimilate the material being studied and showed significantly higher learning outcomes compared to a control group. (4)
The learning impact of games, and digital games in particular, is the result of games incorporating many features that make them especially effective from a learning perspective. The game elements included in the RedCat Multiverse are specifically based on research results that indicate that these specific game elements make them particularly effective tools for learning. (5)