How Is Skill Mastery Measured

For the final application level, there will be three chances to apply that particular Power Skill.
The first time will be relatively easy. The learner will be presented with a series of choices provided within a dialogue with a non-player character (in some instances this will be a Genius). The learner will be required to first apply the skill at the basic level through a series of question-and-answer tasks or through maneuvering their Figment to perform a specific behavior such as researching a newspaper article or invading the non-player character’s personal space when conducting a negotiation. The responses to questions and behavioral actions will be tracked and measured against the ideal response as indicated by experts.
This process will be repeated on an intermediate level. These questions and tasks will require a more adroit approach to the application of the Power Skill to the situation. It will require the learner to better understand the Power Skill nuances and how they are applied within a novel situation.
The final evaluation will be the highest level of application. It will be the most difficult as defined by experts on each particular Power Skill. The learner must respond correctly to more difficult dialogue around the skill and must behave in a manner, in terms of performing tasks, that shows a comfort level and ability to apply the Power Skill in a difficult or vague situation that was not previously encountered. Accomplishing this task at this level will allow RCM Labs to measure the degree to which the learner is able to apply the Power Skill.
The three levels of difficulty will allow RedCat Multiverse to evaluate the level of acumen the learner has achieved with a particular Power Skill. The learner's ability to complete a level consisting of task and dialogue will allow us to evaluate the learner’s level of proficiency in applying that particular skill to basic, intermediate and advanced situations.