The Framework For Measuring The Learning

To measure the learning within RedCat Multiverse, we will evaluate results on several levels. The first level is the simplest but is required for any subsequent learning. This is the level of recall. The learners need to be able to recall terms, concepts and definitions associated with the Power Skills they are learning. We will assess this knowledge by specifically asking the learner questions related to the definitions and terms and asking them to identify the correct definitions and appropriate terms within the correct context. This will be accomplished in conversations with the Geniuses and other non-player characters where the learner will select the right term or definition from a list of terms or definitions but within the context of a conversation.
The second level will be to measure how adept the learner is at understanding the nuances of a Power Skill. This will be accomplished by either placing the steps needed to perform the Power Skill in the proper sequential order or identifying which nuance of the Power Skills is being displayed. Again, this will be within the context of a story or quest and will be a form of multiple-choice as the learner identifies the correct response within the context of an interaction with the non-player character.
The third level will be an assessment of application. This is the most critical step and the most difficult to objectively evaluate. This step of evaluation relies upon the story/quest the learner is placed into.