RCM Labs Technology And Engineering

RCM Labs has been structuring a team of thought leaders in game theory and blockchain experts to develop a live game that offers a highly-engaging personal journey that delivers an uncompromised gaming experience. With continuous and exciting opportunities for skill mastery and a robust digital economy that will empower players in the long term, RedCat Multiverse will feature NFTs, dynamic NFTs, iNFTs (infused with AI) within a delightfully complex blockchain gaming economy.
We are building a comprehensive, hands-on team that is strong in the programming languages and tools that we are using to build the game. As we continue this journey, our team needs to be familiar with hardware requirements, be able to deploy across multiple platforms, and be able to continuously update, patch, maintain and fix in a live game environment. Along with a strong gaming team, we are developing strong Web3 engineering that will integrate the live game to the blockchain without friction.