Inception and Accretion NFTs

RedCat Multiverse’s Inception NFTs and Accretion NFTs are being built on Ethereum Layer 1. They will be generated by an algorithmic NFT generator built by the RCM Labs engineering team.
Our creative team produced an extensive pool of options for our Inception NFTs. There are potentially 877,836,960 unique Inception NFTs within our Inception NFT collection; out of this pool, only 8888 NFTs will be minted. These limited NFTs expand into an array of game assets needed to play, including six character NFTs which owners will be able to freely choose from the entire roster. Inception and Accretion NFT holders will also be able to help shape game development by having exclusive access to the closed beta phase of the game.
The data for the Inception NFTs will be stored in the IPFS. NFTs are going to unlock after the minting is over to prevent our rarest NFTs from being minted by malicious attackers. Furthermore, to ensure further security, the provenance of the hash of images will be placed in the Inception NFT smart contract to ensure that NFTs that are minted by users are not changed before unlocking them.
We are focusing on two main areas in our smart contracts: security and gas optimization. Firstly, gas price is the major problem for people who use Ethereum. Even small optimizations made on smart contracts can save substantial amounts of gas fees for users. Secondly, smart contract hacks are becoming more common. Most big NFT collections experienced trouble with hackers, and users were affected badly by those hacks. Our engineering team is focusing on the security aspect of smart contracts to build unique solutions for Inception NFT smart contracts and beyond.
The Inception NFTs will launch using a Dutch Auction for the minting event and are expected to be available in Summer 2022, before the Accretion NFTs that will be available later in Q3 of 2022.