Phased Development

As an early-stage startup, we’ve had to use our time and resources carefully. Hence, we took a phased approach in building our tech stack. As such, we started with our Community NFT collection that we coined, “Meerkat Bags.” This collection was built on-chain on Polygon by converting SVG to base64 and made available to the hypersocial RedCat Multiverse Insiders on February 28, 2022 and continuing with monthly minting events ever since.
We took the many lessons we learned from the Meerkat Bag project and started to build InceptionNFTs, the first commercial product series for RCM Labs. From there, our next step is building the NFT Marketplace, Dynamic NFTs and Intelligent NFTs. Our gaming team is building the RedCat Multiverse Closed Beta and we will be building the Open Beta later in the year to release the first two universes within the RedCat Multiverse.
There are only 888 Meerkat Bag NFTs developed for the hypersocial RedCat Multiverse Insiders. We started to develop Meerkat Bag NFTs in December 2021 and the first minting of our Meerkat Bag NFTs took place in February 2022. Since then, we hold minting events at the end of each month so every new RedCat Multiverse Insider has a chance to mint Meerkat Bag NFTs.