Meerkat Bag NFTs

Meerkat Bag NFTs are utility NFTs that provide building block primitives - upon which a foundational asset class can be built within the RedCat Multiverse.
Meerkat Bags are a collection of 888 NFTs, which have a unique combination of four character traits such as Power Skills, positive personality traits, even personality traits and quirky traits (for example:1. critical thinker 2. accessible 3. absentminded 4. addresses everyone with a pet name).
Meerkat Bags essentially provide prompts or building block primitives - upon which a foundational Multiverse asset Genius may be built. Meerkat Bags are exclusively created for the most active RedCat Multiverse community members.


Our Meerkat Bag contains the following prompts: Empathic, Insightful, Enigmatic, Image-Focused.
From which we create: Nova Prince, Empath from the Future Nova is a post-human from the future, where implants allow people to sense what others are feeling. This has created a new world of interpersonal communication and understanding, which led her to the past in an effort to share her wisdom. She’s close-mouthed about the future, and won’t share sports scores from the centuries in between. Her love of fashion hasn’t changed, as she studies the styles of the present in an effort to remain on-trend.