RedCat Multiverse Economy

The RedCat Multiverse economy consists of four main assets:
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    In-Game Tokens
  4. 4.
    Governance Tokens
Figments are the most essential assets for the players, as they are the main tools the players will use in the RedCat Multiverse. Initially, Figments will be introduced in the gaming economy as individual parts of the starting packages. Later they will be produced by community members by splicing pairs of Figments to produce newborn Figments.
Land is space in the RedCat Multiverse that can provide additional value, but it is not necessary to play the game. The owner of land can mine for Alarium Crystals (ALC), which are in-game tokens essential for playing the game, training and splicing figments, and socializing.
ALC are earned by the players as they play the game and go through learning Campaigns. They can be traded for other useful assets as well as for cryptocurrency.
Governance tokens are designed for community leaders. They provide the right to vote on the governance of RedCat Multiverse, according to the one-token-one-vote principle. They will be sold to investors by RedCat Multiverse. In this section, we will briefly describe the economic principles for these assets.