In-Game Tokens And Game Economy

In-game tokens called Alarium Crystals (ALC) are earned while playing the game. They can be traded for other assets as well as cryptocurrency. As in the case of other fiat monies, such as the US dollar and Euro, tokens have little intrinsic value. Their value comes from the players’ expectations that they can be traded in the future for assets with intrinsic values, such as Figments, or for currencies that can be traded for goods in real life. As in real-life money, players’ inflation expectations will reduce the value of tokens, leading to actual inflation. Such inflation expectations can be tamed only by a committed governing body that provides the supply of such monies.
In the RedCat Multiverse economy, RCM Labs is committed to the stability of ALC prices in various ways. Firstly, RCM Labs is committed to supplying a limited number of tokens, proportional to the number of players. Second, RCM Labs is committed to accepting tokens for payments for in-game assets, many of which have intrinsic value. Finally, imitating the central banks in real life, the RCM Labs governing body will have an instrument dedicated to stabilizing the token prices via open market operations, such as buying back tokens from the market when there are too many tokens in circulation.