RedCat Multiverse Gameplay

Creative Concept

Quantum physics theorizes that our universe is actually one of many parallel realities, in which any world is possible, where anything can and will happen. An inexplicable force threatens to destroy the universe in all of its complexity, and the only hope for the multiverse is unity, which is easier said than done.
Sanura, also known as The Red Cat, is a powerful entity from a higher dimension. Her cat-form is the physical avatar of her power, or what little she can squeeze into this limited part of reality. Because her perspective is beyond what most can understand, she appears mystical and mysterious.
Potentially catastrophic events are coming which will require sentient beings from across the multiverse to join in unity, live in harmony within their ecospheres, and understand how to reliably separate truth from fiction and fabrication in order to survive a terrible fate threatening all realities from any possible future. Sanura has enlisted the assistance of beings from across the multiverse to train people in the skills necessary to protect the future and explore new realities while exposing them to new concepts.
The game is Sanura’s vision for bringing the multiverse together, preparing its diverse beings in a digital space wherein the imagination comes to life more easily than in the physical world. By exploring, interacting with special assets called Geniuses and participating in the community, players will master skills to make them more powerful in their interactions with other people. They’ll become more understanding of others and capable of finding common ground, ultimately helping them differentiate themselves in the real world workplace.
Players strengthen these Power Skills through their Figments, the interesting, creative, and expressive beings of imaginative varieties that serve as in-game assets. The players will bring ideas and concepts into existence and give them life through these Figments. They will then care for and develop them as they grow. Competition helps foster growth, so players will often bring their Figments to the Imaginaerium. There they’ll show off their creative skills in a type of artistic and intellectual combat, as Figments attempt to awe their opponents into yielding.
Our fictional continent is called the Convergence, where a tapestry of different themes from all over the Multiverse are represented, giving players a wide variety of choices.
The initial Convergence might be composed of:
  • Convergence City – the cosmopolitan center of the Convergence, where all genres mash together. Players might purchase a plot of land in the entertainment district or in the financial district, themed in a variety of ways.
  • The Shadowlands – a place for those of a more gothic sensibility, shrouded in twilight. Players may purchase a plot deep in the dark forest or hidden on a lonely island.
  • The Sea of Dreams – a wondrous place of imagination on the edge of a perfect, multi-colored sea. Players might purchase a plot of land on the blue sand beaches or on a floating cloud.
  • Garden of Ancient Wonders – a place where the wonders of Earth’s ancient world come together. A player might purchase a plot at the feet of the Colossus of Rhodes or beneath the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
  • Valles Marineris Colony – an early version of the first Mars colony. Players might purchase a plot near the gigantic chasm elevator, or at the top of the massive canyon.
  • Proxima Centauri b – the closest habitable exoplanet, in the Proxima Centauri system. A player might purchase a plot of land on a familiar, yet alien world, where things are just different enough from Earth.