Continued Play

Once players are comfortable with basic gameplay, they can explore and learn the deeper features of the game.

The Marketplace & Trading Post

In the Marketplace, players will have the opportunity to both buy and sell in-game assets using cryptocurrency, including Figments, land and customizations. The Trading Post allows players to trade assets with one another, bypassing the sell-buy cycle and teaching the negotiation Power Skill. Geniuses will also be present to help people understand and be effective in both areas of commerce.


Players will earn or purchase items to customize their assets, such as adornments for Figments or features for land. In upcoming versions, we will develop it so that players can contribute their own customizations to the game.

Figment interactions: developing and splicing

Base Figments are capable of transforming into one of several options, based on the players’ choice. Players can also splice their Figments’ together a limited number of times to engineer (create) new Figment assets, which can be used, sold, or traded.


As players progress, they will grow in standing in the community. Game scores are tracked on leaderboards, which rank players according to score. Players will earn achievements and in-game assets as they reach thresholds, including Power Skill development certificate NFTs.