Early Play

Users will begin their journey into the RedCat Multiverse by acquiring the necessary in-game assets followed by exploring the three modes of play. Regardless of game mode, players earn tokens called Alarium Crystals (ALC) to use as in-game currency as they play. RedCat Multiverse will also utilize MVX, the governance token for RedCat Multiverse.
Our three initial NFT collections – Inception NFT, Accretion NFT, and Conception NFT – are core parts of the player experience. Each provides the player with not only a collectible NFT but also a collection of valuable game assets which will position them better in the game than those who choose to buy in later.
Note: During the Closed Beta testing phase of development, players will be provided with assets to play the game, though they will not initially own them. Inception NFT holders will be able to choose the assets they wish to own at the launch of the open beta phase after they’ve had a chance to test and vet them.