Game Mechanics


Each character is composed of several statistical measurements, things such as strength and stamina, as well as four unique abilities. Abilities are used to impress opponents (reducing their stamina for the match), as well as to assist allies or present hurdles to opposing characters.


Acquired in the in-game store using in-game rewards, items may only be used once, but have a variety of beneficial effects. There are items to improve a character’s stats, heal them or cleanse them of effects.

Playing Cards

Each player may bring three playing cards from their collection to a match, which most often allows the user to modify an ability as it is used. They add an element of surprise to each match.


Every match rewards players with in-game currency and increases the experience of all the characters who took part. Once characters reach certain experience thresholds, they grow in level and power. Some aspects of character development are automatic, while others are carefully chosen by the owning player.

Head To Head Play

In the Imaginaerium arena, two players will each assemble a group composed of six of their character NFTs. Both players choose which three of their characters will be in the front row and active, with the other three in the back row and in reserves.
Players then take turns activating their active characters one at a time, in an order determined by the character's speed. On their turn, players can empower an active character to use one of its four abilities, use an item or switch out for the back row.
Each ability may be designed with a variety of effects and status effects, which can impact a character’s stats or impose both favorable and unfavorable conditions.
Play continues until all of one player's characters are Blissed Out – so impressed by their opponent’s abilities that they concede.

PVE Play

A player can engage in matches against the computer once they’ve acquired a plot of land, or have been invited by a land-owner. Gameplay works similarly to head-to-head play, with a few important changes. A player may bring a team of their own six Figments, or they could invite a friend and they each bring four. From there, play continues as normal against special computer-generated and controlled enemies, though lane and position become of strategic importance.

Campaign Play

Presenting a change in experience, gameplay in campaigns is more akin to playing a level/area in a story and exploration game. Players will navigate through this three-dimensional environment meeting important game characters and geniuses as they solve the mystery or quandary presented in that universe. Exploration and conversation will be broken up with encounters that play similarly to a head-to-head match. In addition to the potential for gaining experience towards learning certificates, there are special rewards that can only be found or earned in campaigns.