Land And PVE

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the most common type of structure in the Convergence will be a player’s residence. Players may then add other interesting structures and features, including wild or even alien lifeforms for the yard, sculptures, a hedge maze, gravity slides, a zero-gravity nightclub that streams their Spotify account, or strange things like the Portal to Nowhere. Structures and Features are lightly animated, to give the land life.
Players can also build game structures, like a Splicing Chamber, Alarium Crystal Mine, Care Facility, Laboratory or Game Nodes to launch the mini-games they’ve created. Each has a game function, in addition to being decorative. Inside their structures, players will be able to decorate extensively for maximum customization, as well as display their other NFTs as art on their walls or installations in their yard. Note: Structures, features and decorations may be purchased with MVX or ALC.