Land Functionality In Phase II

During Phase I of land functionality, only a certain number of plots in the Convergence will be available in each of these regions, which will have limited functionality. Players can only interact with their plots from a high-level view, and there will be no PVE and a limited number of assets they can use to customize. The plots will be home to a player’s trophy case, as well as having the flex of being designated as Phase I property.
After capitalizing on the enthusiasm of early adopters, we will open up another limited number of plots throughout our themes. This time, players will be able to zoom in and look around their plot, acquire an expanded batch of customizations and engage in PVE gameplay.

Opening & Locking Land

Players have the option to open their land in the Convergence for the public to visit and tour, or to lock it to maintain privacy. The default is open, but players may wish to keep works in progress under wraps. In full VR, this feature becomes very important to prevent unwanted visitors from coming to your land.

PVE Events

There are set times within the player’s time zone where waves of AI-controlled enemies will be available to fight on their land. Players can join if they choose and enter a PVE Challenge.
Players who own land may also invite another player to a cooperative PVE Challenge. Both players may bring four Figments to the event, and Figments may use support abilities to help their allies.
Instead of waiting for timed PVE events, players may use ALC to bait their land to initiate a PVE Challenge. Allies in co-op games may help pay this nominal cost.

Teaming up

As players make friends in the community, they can enter a special team-up PVE game mode in the Convergence. Two players join together for a cooperative game, whereas normally they may only play against each other.