Tokens can give protocols superpowers, provided they start from a place of creating real user value. Token design will be poor when there is value misalignment between value accrual in the system and value accrual to the token. Our economics team is diligently analyzing the GameFi space and RedCat Multiverse game mechanics to design the RedCat Multiverse game economy. We will test our economic design and ensure that game economy and tokenomics are aligned to deliver real user value with the RedCat Multiverse's future tokens.
The RCM Labs founding team has been active in the blockchain space since 2016. We observed, due to lack of alignment, many blockchain games experienced difficult economic circumstances. RCM Labs plans to avoid these challenging economic circumstances by diligently aligning the game economy with its tokenomics.
We will test our game economy during the Closed Beta and then create the appropriate tokenomics structure. We are also planning to leverage the know-how of our current and potential investors during this tokenomics design phase. Only after this rigorous testing has taken place will we announce the RedCat Multiverse tokenomics plan in detail and make the necessary amendments to this document later this year.